Who we are

In the beginning...

You could say our Directors are "family people". After years of serving children and families in the Los Angeles area, STAR of CA was primed for growth. Many of our staff members are Ventura County residents and parents of young children who wanted their expertise to make a difference in their own backyard. We now have offices in counties stretching from San Jose to Orange.

STAR of CA was founded in May 2006 to provide comprehensive Autism Spectrum Disorder resources to local communities in a nurturing environment where the entire family unit was supported. Our service array has since expanded beyond Autism Spectrum Disorders to offer community-based mental health services in an effort to serve our local communities more comprehensively.

With a commitment to ongoing staff education as well as a support division and therapeutic services to address the many challenges that families face, STAR of CA delivers the very best for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their family members.

We love what we do and are devoted to providing everyone in the STAR of CA family with the kind of focused, caring service that improves lives.

STAR of CA is ready to serve children and families in other states, and doing so as Evidence-Based Resources Applied in Behavioral Health (ERA Behavioral Health, ERA BH).

STAR of CA, a Professional Psychological Corporation, provides Psychological and ABA Services to children and families in home and community settings. This division does not provide school-based educational services, and STAR of CA is not affiliated with STAR Autism Support, Inc.